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  • 4 in1 Bucket

    Bucket capacity : 0.14CBM
    Size:42.5×20.51×28.07 inch
    Bucket capacity (M23):0.12CBM
  • Angle Blade

    Size:43.3×25.6×20.5 inch
    Weight:120 Kg
    Tilt angle: 30 degree
    Blade width:34.3 inch
  • Auger

    Auger drill Type:From Dia.5.9 to Dia.
    23.6 inch
    Depth:0-39.4 inch
    Displacement:420 ml/r
    Torque:1800 N.M
    Can also use mixer tank
  • Backhoe

    Weight:185 Kg
    Max digging depth:53.54inch
    Max digging radius:89.4 inch
    Bucket capacity:0.014 m3
    Size: 47.48×47.09×62.99 inch
    Bucket lifting force:33 KN
  • Digger

    Digging depth:65.6inch
    Digging diameter:99.6inch
    Bucket capacity0.03 m3
    Weight:123 Kg
  • Fork

    Effective length:33.5 inch
    Weight:85 Kg
    Width between forks:31.1 inch
  • HD05 Mini Dumper

    The open-style design of left-side, right-side and back cover guards allows the operator to fill the fuel & engine oil and exchange the engine air filter for the dumper conveniently. The cover guards on the operating system can be removed facilitating quick and easy repairs to the dumper.

  • High Dumping Bucket

    Size:40.31×30.67×20.39 inch
    Weight:112 Kg
    Dumping angle:58 degree
    Bucket capacity:0.19 m3
    Max dumping height:67.83inch
    Min dumping distance:47.95 inch
  • HY17 & HY12 Mini Excavator

    The all-new Hysoon HY17 Mini Excavator is powered by the fuel-efficient and whisper quiet Diesel Engine this machine is ultra reliable and ready to work.

  • HY280 Mini Skid Steer Loader

    The width of the HY280 mini skid steer loader is only 860mm, allowing more versatility to work in smaller working spaces, in particular, fitting through gates, doorways etc. It will greatly improve your working efficiency . It’s a great machine for landscapers, builders , electricians, contractors etc.

  • HY380 Mini Digger

    When the HY380 is fitted with tyres, the width of the whole machine is only 1150mm, so it can be easily driven into the backyard or through narrow gates. The maximum working height of the HY380 mini digger’s hinge pin is 1884mm, significantly more than some others on the market, whose maximum working height can be only 1670mm.

  • Hydraulic grapple

    Size:37.8×32.3×23.2 inch
    Weight:125 Kg
    opening angle:88 degree
    Rated loading:110 Kg
  • Hydraulic Hammer

    Shank diameter:1.8 inch
    Size: 46.6×35.4×15.7 inch
    Weight:132 Kg
    Pressure:8-11 MPa
    Impact energy:80-100 J
  • Lawn Aerator

    Weight:109 Kg
    Size:53.3×29.5×24 inch
    Digging depth:4.13 inch
    Digging width:42.8 inch
  • Lawn Mower

    Size:55.9×46.9×20.9 inch
    Weigh:184 Kg
    Mowing width:42.13 inch
    Mowing height: 1- 4 inch
    No. of the blades:3
    Flow:25 L/min
  • Leveller

    Weight: 63Kg
    Size:32.55×47.24×15.35 inch
    Max effective width:47.24inch
  • M23 Mini Loader

    The M23 is our most compact mini digger and depending on tyres sizes chosen can be as little as only 835mm wide. With standard Chevron tyres offering more grip in wet conditions it is still only 987mm in width.

  • M25 Mini Loader

    The M25 has been designed with the professional in mind to greatly increase on the job performance though easy enough for a novice to use. Featuring increased lifting capacity and higher dumping height (hinge pin height) as well as upgraded to 4 hydraulic motors, one at each wheel meaning it will maintain full driving force at each corner and dispense with the need for chain maintenance.

  • M33 Mini Loader

    Fitted with a reputable Kubota D1703 25HP Diesel engine, Italian pump delivering up to 56LPM, with American hydraulic motors, it is sure to get all your jobs done.

  • Mixer

    Can connect to Auger Drive
    Size (mm) 1017×762*550
    Weight 126kg
    Rated Loading 120kg
    Max mixing capacity 0.12m3
  • Multi-function Tool

    Ripper , lifting device, tow bar ,
    transporting system
    Weigh:48.43 Kg
  • Ripper

    Weight: 51kg
    Size (mm) 484×351*628
    Max dig depth: 335mm
    Distance between teeth 290mm
  • Rock Bucket

    Weight:85 Kg
    Size:25×42×14.1 inch
    Distance between teeth:2 inch
  • Rotary Hoe

    Weight:98 Kg
    Working width:39.37inch
    Working depth: 2.36-5.9 inch
    No. of the teeth:25


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