The compact size and solid structure make it an excellent tool in the mining industry. HYSOON plays a vital role in cleaning the fragments on and under the ground in numerous mining areas.

HYSOON can complete the heaviest and dangerous cleaning work originally done by handwork quickly.

For instance, you can use the sweeper to clean the fragments under the driving band with little risk. It is not necessary to turn off the moving rail, which can ensure the persistence of the production and improve the working efficiency.

HYSOON can be altered to meet the exhaust and heat discharge limit, get rid of the electric spark and other safety manners according to the special safety requirements of each mining area.


Compact size The small-sized HYSOON machine can be applied to various fields.

Safety HYSOON can adjust the requirements of safety according to safety standard.

Save labour HYSOON can be a substitue for most labour work with high efficiency, saving as much labour as possible.