The adaptability of HYSOON in the narrow area is unique. It can be equipped with a wide range of attachments and complete a range of duties.

With the simple and quick hitch system, the attachments can be replaced easily and complete different duties. These attachments includes trenchers, augers, trench fillers etc.

HYSOON is designed to bring the least obstacle to the ground, which is the ideal machine for installing irrigating system, especially in the garden.


Compact size
Due to the narrow outline design of HYSOON, the machine can be used in narrow area and thus there is no problem with the work in the backyard.

Little damage to lawns
Use the turf tires to reduce the damage to lawns and have the least influence to the environment.

Easy to transport
Design the towing system specifically for each attachments.

Flexible time
You would not be limited by the time of the casual workers and the contractor. You can finish your work at any time.