With the low-cost maintenance, flexibility, multi-function of HYSOON, numerous dealers from the hiring industry are attracted and they are proud to become HYSOON’s customer.

HYSOON mini skid steer loaders are suitable for the hiring industry. Most of them choose HYSOON as their first choice.

HYSOON takes part in caring for the future of the hiring industry positively and devotes plenty of time, resources to promote the development of hiring industry.


Brand recognition
HYSOON is a famous and reliable brand which wins the widespread favor of the customers. Sales and service network Staff from HYSOON can provide support and service promptly, including field maintenance and preventive maintenance to make sure the products meeting the quality standard.

HYSOON skid steer loaders have a lower maintenance level which can save cost.

Straightforward operation
The operation of the HYSOON skid steer loaders only needs a simple demonstration and training. The operator can grasp the related operation and become familiar with the operation soon.

Huge repayment
The flexible structure, quick hitch system and the ability of multi-function of HYSOON bring huge repayment to the customer.