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  • 4 in1 Bucket

    Bucket capacity : 0.14CBM
    Size:42.5×20.51×28.07 inch
    Bucket capacity (M23):0.12CBM
  • Angle Blade

    Size:43.3×25.6×20.5 inch
    Weight:120 Kg
    Tilt angle: 30 degree
    Blade width:34.3 inch
  • Auger

    Auger drill Type:From Dia.5.9 to Dia.
    23.6 inch
    Depth:0-39.4 inch
    Displacement:420 ml/r
    Torque:1800 N.M
    Can also use mixer tank
  • Backhoe

    Weight:185 Kg
    Max digging depth:53.54inch
    Max digging radius:89.4 inch
    Bucket capacity:0.014 m3
    Size: 47.48×47.09×62.99 inch
    Bucket lifting force:33 KN
  • Digger

    Digging depth:65.6inch
    Digging diameter:99.6inch
    Bucket capacity0.03 m3
    Weight:123 Kg
  • Fork

    Effective length:33.5 inch
    Weight:85 Kg
    Width between forks:31.1 inch
  • High Dumping Bucket

    Size:40.31×30.67×20.39 inch
    Weight:112 Kg
    Dumping angle:58 degree
    Bucket capacity:0.19 m3
    Max dumping height:67.83inch
    Min dumping distance:47.95 inch
  • Hydraulic grapple

    Size:37.8×32.3×23.2 inch
    Weight:125 Kg
    opening angle:88 degree
    Rated loading:110 Kg
  • Hydraulic Hammer

    Shank diameter:1.8 inch
    Size: 46.6×35.4×15.7 inch
    Weight:132 Kg
    Pressure:8-11 MPa
    Impact energy:80-100 J
  • Lawn Aerator

    Weight:109 Kg
    Size:53.3×29.5×24 inch
    Digging depth:4.13 inch
    Digging width:42.8 inch
  • Lawn Mower

    Size:55.9×46.9×20.9 inch
    Weigh:184 Kg
    Mowing width:42.13 inch
    Mowing height: 1- 4 inch
    No. of the blades:3
    Flow:25 L/min
  • Leveller

    Weight: 63Kg
    Size:32.55×47.24×15.35 inch
    Max effective width:47.24inch
  • Mixer

    Can connect to Auger Drive
    Size (mm) 1017×762*550
    Weight 126kg
    Rated Loading 120kg
    Max mixing capacity 0.12m3
  • Multi-function Tool

    Ripper , lifting device, tow bar ,
    transporting system
    Weigh:48.43 Kg
  • Ripper

    Weight: 51kg
    Size (mm) 484×351*628
    Max dig depth: 335mm
    Distance between teeth 290mm
  • Rock Bucket

    Weight:85 Kg
    Size:25×42×14.1 inch
    Distance between teeth:2 inch
  • Rotary Hoe

    Weight:98 Kg
    Working width:39.37inch
    Working depth: 2.36-5.9 inch
    No. of the teeth:25
  • Standard Bucket (GP Bucket)

    Size (mm) 519×1150×322
    Capacity 0.15 m3


    Size (mm) 554*860*325
    Capacity 0.12 m3

  • Stump Grinder

    Teeth:16 pieces
    Max cutting width:32.68inch
    Rotation angle:30 degree
  • Sweeper

    Weight:142 Kg
    Brush diameter: 19.7 inch
    Sweeping width:41.3 inch
  • Sweeper with Bucket

    Weight:197 Kg
    Size:40×37.1×21.1 inch
    Brush diameter:19.7inch
    Sweeping width:41.3 inch
  • Swing Digger

    Size :1895x889x451
    Right swing angle:61.93 degree
    Left swing angle :64.92 degree
  • Trencher

    Weight:177 Kg
    Max trenching depth:31.5/47.2 inch
    Once trenching width:6.1 inch
    Chain speed:154 m/min
  • Trenching filler

    Weight:124 Kg
    Size:50.6×18.9×16.4 inch
    Fill width:40.9 inch


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