Hysoon skid steer loaders are different from other mini loaders. HYSOON is more adaptable and stronger operability with higher lift capacity, higher operating load, smaller size and solid structure.

Although the size of the HYSOON mini skid steer loader is small, it has all the functions of the large machines. The advantage of the size makes HYSOON skid steer loader a perfect tight access machine.

HYSOON skid steer loaders have more than 40 kinds of attachments. With the quick hitch system, you can change the attachments quickly to complete different duties, improve your working efficiency and save your labour cost.

In construction industry, HYSOON is mainly used to dig foundation, dig the pile holes, load and dump the construction materials, clean the construction site, mix the concrete. Install the pipelines, transport material etc.


The engine has a strong power and the hydraulic system holds a high flow capacity and pressure.

Compacted size
Due to the compacted design of the outline border, it can work in the narrow and limited space with great flexibility.

Save labour cost
HYSOON can go through more work than labour within the shortest period, which improves the working efficiency dramatically.

Lower maintenance cost
The open design of HYSOON is easy to be maintained. It can work under a long time persistently and save more maintenance cost than larger machines.

Highly cost effective
HYSOON mini loaders have a high performance ratio. HYSOON benefits customers by high quality with low price. To benefit our Australian customers, our price is only around 1/2 of that of our competitors.

Easy to transport
We designed a kind of towing system specially to make it easy to connect with your truck, bringing about remote transportation.